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Helping a tobacco company grow unique reach

A tobacco company wanted to increase unique reach among a selected demographic of males in second-tier cities, and at a particular frequency. It also wanted to ensure a high On-target Percentage (OTP)*.

In consultation with our client, we ran an awareness campaign, selecting local publishers in a targeted manner and spending efficiently to acquire the inventory. We also increased reach and relevance by extending the campaign's geographical coverage and suggesting different creative formats. 

As a result, we managed to fulfil our client’s OTP a month before the campaign’s end, and over-delivered reach by over 50% to more than a million people.

*OTP is a benchmark for digital marketers to measure the campaign effectiveness in reaching intended audiences.

Increasing online sign-ups for a real estate developer

A global real estate developer wanted to increase online sign-ups. However, simply targeting a generic audience searching for property would be expensive and result in low-quality leads for the client.

To solve this problem, we started by defining the customer persona with a thorough analysis of the client’s landing page audience characteristics. We used this persona to define targeting parameters and then personalized the creatives for the target audience. We also used cross-channel re-targeting to follow our audience through to conversion, and employed conversion attribution to continuously optimize the campaign’s performance.

Through our efforts, we managed to increase lead quality, as more than 40% of leads converted to customers. This helped to reduce our client’s cost per lead by 40%.


Increasing brand awareness and app installs for a news publisher

A news publisher wanted to increase brand awareness and mobile app users, through programmatic advertising. However, cost per impression was high as our client was selective about reaching the right audience on credible publishers.

We ran an awareness campaign together with an app install campaign, selecting top local publishers and personalizing the creatives by sub-sites and specific page placements. This increased ad relevance and thus click-through rates. As we noticed good engagement from mobile users, we also targeted these users more deliberately.

Overall, we achieved stellar cost-per-install and retention rates as a result of these actions.

Generating high net worth leads for an Indonesian financial services company

An Indonesian financial services company wanted to generate more leads targeting different audience categories for various investment products. It was a challenge to encourage an affluent audience to submit personal details via the digital channel, as this audience is more accustomed to dealing with personal investment advisors offline.

We ran an A/B test with different creatives and targeted these by customer persona. We used messaging focused on ROI to target a high-intent audience already looking to invest, while also targeting audiences with an interest in adjacent verticals like luxury goods, sports, business, politics, and cryptocurrency with creatives focusing on the client’s USPs and awards.

As a result, we over-delivered on the KPIs that the client had set for us.

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